Risk and ownership rights

In relation to the purchased products, responsibility passes to you at the time of receiving of the products and we are not responsible for the damage, loss or destruction of the products, except the cases where the products were delivered damaged or incorrectly shipped. In this case, please immediately contact us by e-mail klers3@inbox.lv, describing the damage of the products and attach a photo of the products. If the products are delivered by courier, please check the packaging of the products in the presence of the courier. If it is damaged, you have the right to refuse the order (writing a claim).

Right to refuse

ЯкорьIn accordance with the terms and conditions of the Cabinet of Ministers Nr.255 of the Republic of Latvia “Terms and the remote contract” 22 p., The consumer can not use the right of refusal, if the products are manufactured according to the consumer’s instructions or are inseparable items, or the goods in connection with their nature can not be returned (for example Body care products and hygiene products), or the products are perishable, or the goods are quickly used. With such products Klērs Serviss considers: Perfumery, cosmetics, testers, postcards, gift wrapping and gift certificates. These products are an exception and the consumer can not apply to them the right to refuse.
When making an order, you agree that you are familiar with these terms and conditions.From the beginning of the use of the products, the buyer claims that the products correspond to the order and are not refunded, and the consumer loses the right to refuse if the package of the products was opened or if he did not access the e-mail klers3@inbox.lv within 14 days from the receiving day of the order.If the discrepancy of the products with the terms of the contract is of minor importance and can not influence the possibility of using the products for the intended purpose, the consumer can not ask frizieris.lv to terminate the contract and pay the paid sum of money for the goods.
In accordance with clause 12 of the law on consumer protection of the republic of Latvia and the terms of CM Nr.255 “Conditions for Remote Contract”, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the order and return the seller’s product.

ЯкорьBy making an order on the website www.monplatin.lv the consumer confirms that he has read and agrees with the terms and conditions of www.frizieris.lv, including the right to refuse. At the time of placing the order, the Buyer marks its consent “agrees with the remote contract.” Upon request, the Seller sends the rejection form to the e-mail address specified by the Consumer. On the right to use the refusal the consumer informs frizieris.lv by e-mail, including in the message the order number, name, surname, e-mail address, product name and bar codes that he wants to return, the reason for the return and whether the Consumer wants to receive compensation in the amount of the cost of the goods or to exchange product.
If you want to exchange products, please indicate the name of the product and its code, to which you want to change the product, so that we can reserve it for you.

ЯкорьThe right to refuse ends after 14 days, starting from the day you received your order. Sending a refusal is established by monplatin.lv for a period of 14 days from the date of receiving of the product. Then frizieris.lv terminates the contract and releases the Consumer from any obligations other than paying a fee that is related to the transfer of the goods back to the manufacturer, the seller and the service provider.
If the order was above 70 € and was delivered for free and some or all of the goods are returned from this order, SIA Klērs Serviss reserves the right to apply the return fee in the amount of 10EUR.The consumer, using these conditions in his right to refuse, is responsible for any value decrease of the product, as well as for the quality of the product and the preservation of safeness.
The returned product should not have any signs of use, it should be in the original closed package and in the same condition in which you received it in the original packaging. Sending the product back to the Seller, you must attach all the documents that confirm the receipt of the order (invoice, postal receipt, etc.)

Within 14 days after refusal writing Consumer must return the product back to SIA Klers Serviss. SIA Klers Serviss is obligated not later than 14 days from the date of receiving a letter of refund, to pay to the Consumer the amount of money, which was paid for the order before the termination of the contract, except delivery costs. SIA Klers Serviss has the right to withhold payment to the Consumer before receiving products back. The payment is made using the same payment method that was used in the initial transaction.

ЯкорьSIA Klers Serviss has the right not to pay the customer its paid amount for the product until the consumer returns the goods or if SIA Klers Serviss decides, that product was in use or not in 100% condition and form for further sale or not in the original packaging with all original documents (if any were attached). The consumer is liable for damage to the products that were produced at the time of return.

ЯкорьIf SIA Klers Serviss can not perform the contract due to the fact that the product is not available,  Seller informs about it the Consumer and will pay all the contributed funds by the Consumer no later than within 7 calendar days from the receipt of the order.

Item can be returned by one of the following methods:
Omniva: Rīga, recipient SIA Klērs Serviss, tell. 27547044
Post Station: Rīga LV -1009, Artilērijas 67, recipient SIA Klērs Serviss, tell. 27547044

If you have any questions about the return or exchange of the products, please contact us by e-mail klers3@inbox.lv.

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