Gold edition intense facial mask 50 ml


A moisturizing mask to enhance the appearance of facial skin. Made with MP269 dual stage absorbency technology. Leaves the skin refreshed and radiant.

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Contains special capsules that dissolve on application of the mask, releasing Vitamins A and E directly into the skin.

Also Gold Complex capsules, consisting of mp gold 2035, a new development exclusive to the Mon Platin laboratories, containing hyaluronic acid, powdered pearls, 24K colloidal gold, quinoa protein and pomegranate. This unique complex of active ingredients purifies the skin and helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and the creation of free radicals, imparting moisture and preservingthe skinĀ“s vital elasticity.

Rich in Vitamins B5, C and E, and peptides to combat wrinkles. Adds a generous amount of nourishing green tea extract, nettle, orchid oil, aloe vera and chamomile to leave the skin moist and firm.

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