Descendants to a dynasty of artisan goldsmiths have established a thriving, world renowned cosmetics company.

A. Meshi Cosmetic Industries was founded by the Mizrahi family, whose ancient roots can be traced from Israel to Persian Azerbaijan, and to Eastern Turkey from Lake Urmia to Lake Van

For many generations the family´s forefathers were artisans and craftsmen creating beautiful jewelry and ornaments made of precious metals, including gold.

About a century ago the family forefathers resettled in Israel where they continued to practice their craft and quickly integrated in the small Jewish community, contributing to its industrial and commercial development.

Elisha Mizrahi took a great leap forward by utilizing the family knowledge and for years worked on recycling metals and producing complex metal alloys for a wide range of industries in the young, developing State of Israel.

Aesthetics and practice intertwined

About 20 years ago the young generation of the Mizrahi family decided to change direction by entering into a new and refreshing field, but one that still has much in common with the family tradition.

The establishment of A. Meshi Cosmetic Industries has enabled the young generation to integrate their own and their forefathers´ family knowledge with their love of Israel and its people, and to create an innovative professional approach towards producing cosmetic products that are attractive, but most of all – efficient.

The professional knowledge and personal characteristics needed for creating precious jewelry, such as a high ability for precision, responsibility, professionalism, an artistic sense, love of beauty and aesthetics and much more, have passed from fathers to sons, who in their turn continued the family tradition of creativity and beauty.

The beginning was not easy. Years of experimenting in professional development labs have led to new discoveries in skin care (A. Meshi Cosmetic Industries are against animal testing). These new discoveries led to the development of unique products and international success and from there to further breakthroughs that have transformed A. Meshi Cosmetic Industries into a global name that stands for daring, innovation and creativity.

Today A. Meshi Cosmetic Industries is run by the first and second generations of the Mizrahi family, with products being exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

In its two state of the art production plants, A. Meshi Cosmetic Industries produces approx. 390 different cosmetic products for the various beauty industries, professional hair designers, cosmetic shops and the spa and professional cosmetics industries.